Franchised Powersport Dealer 

With 142 legal opportunities now in New York, the start needed for a resurgence of the off-road market is in place. Nearly every legal recreational riding opportunity in the state today is using resources, process created by or was started by this effort. Only 30% of New York dealers have ever contributed to these results.

You’re competitors made this happen, it wouldn’t be fair to just hand you their prize. Member benefits are designed to reward those that pull the rope. 

Standard “New” Member – Dealers with 0-4 years involvement in effort

Vested Member – Dealers with 5-9 years of involvement in effort

2018 Eligible Vested Members: 3 Seas Recreation, All Seasons Equipment, Arctic Adventures, Bibben’s Sales and Service, Big Boyz Toy Store, Bowen’s Powersports, Brodner Equipment, Cycle Enterprises, Don George’s Sport Center, East Side Garage, Edelmann Sales, Erie Powersports, Filers Powersports, Glider City Powersports, Gold Coast Motorsports, Hebeler Sales and Service, Herman’s Performance, Ingles Performance, Jan-Cen Motorsports, Long Island Kawasaki, Maddie’s Motorsports, Matts Honda Kawasaki, Moody’s Polaris, N. Syracuse Lawn and Snow, O’Neil Sales/Maddies, Pilot Knob Marine, Pioneer Motorsports, Precision Powersports, Progressive Motorsports, Schoff Polaris, Schutt’s Saw and Mower, Sportline Power Products, Sport-Mann Suzuki Honda, Stones Snow Sled, Troy City Garage, Waite Motor Sports, Wheel Away Motorsports, Zambri Lawn and Sport

Paid in Full Lifetime Vesting: TrailFighter is a perpetual solution, not a one and done campaign. Buy us a 12 Pack for getting it done and you are too… 

Lifetime Vesting Membership is transferable to subsequent owners.


Standard Member Benefits (Included at start for all members)

  • Workers Comp Safety Group – Most save about 30%
  • ISave/IGive Credit Card Processing – Non-profit pricing for a for profit business and a non-profit benefits.
  • Group Discounted Payroll Services
  • Group Discounted National Powersport Auction Service Fee’s

Dealers participating in our group discount programs save over an average $3000 annually. Kind of silly you’ve been on the sidelines till now.

Franchise law legislation and Attorney access are not part of this membership offering. Stability and profitability of off-road market growth far out-ways it in benefit. We need OEM/Aftermarket engagement to win here and need to keep the peace.

Standard Members become Vested Members after –

  • Contributing at least five years dues, or
  • 40 hours of Dealer Principle level service for each year, or
  • 120 hours of employee level service for each year

Dues payment and service can be done over time as a Standard Member with or discounted with lump sums to become a Vested Member.

Remember this is over a decade old effort new members haven’t contributed to yet. The more resource to work with, the better the launch and the sooner you’ll feel it in the cash drawer.

Vested Member Benefits – We’ve proved more wheeled riding means more sales and stable year round business.

Vested Member’s customers will continually be driven to ride more…

No-Cost marketing, web-development, advertising, ride area start-up and other business services developed over the last decade by this effort will be provided to non-profits to grow the riding. This effort has helped enable over 2000 miles of insured trail to exist with only one director and 30% of New York dealers pulling rope. Now it gets to multiply.

Just the Facts

  • Vested Member customers will be driven to get access first.
  • Current statewide recreational ride opportunities host approximately 6000 members and 2000 permits annually.
  • Exact  max capacity will evolve with data but are estimated between 12-18,000.
  • Most ride areas are on private land and accommodate non-registered but insured machines.
  • New York ATV registrations peaked at 143,000, with an estimated 300,000 machines in the state.
  • Atlas+  is a limited distribution product to not overwhelm existing areas.
  • Distribution capped to 50,000 northeast rider households. (similar count as Dirt Wheels national subscription)
  • Initial distribution is to Vested Member customers through direct mail, phone campaigns, Some OEM’s Co-Op already approved.
  • Secondary distribution is Vested Member point of sale with dealer profit opportunity in all campaigns.

RIDE OPPORTUNITY ACCESS – All policies have been tested with favorable results for dealer members and the group effort. Nearly every rider has lost a place they used to ride and they know its only a matter of time before they lose more. Once they get the facts of how the ride opportunity exists and is supported appreciation and thanks for the effort is the usual response.

Ride Opportunity Start-Ups: Launched in under 120 days by target marketing the opportunity to Vested Dealer Member customers. Most markets have enough concentration of Vested Dealer Members that advertising the opportunity outside the that group is unnecessary. When there are not enough Vested Dealers to launch in a market, Standard Member and non-member customers have unhindered access during the 120 day launch. Various media campaigns are used to reach these riders.

Ride Opportunity Access Voucher: After the initial 120 start-up individual riders or family/groups are required to have at least one vehicle purchased at a Vested Member Dealer. If they do not meet this requirement they can simply pick up a Ride Opportunity Access Voucher at a Vested Member Dealer in their area. It’s a simple introduction and lead generation opportunity.

Ride Opportunity Safety/Use Capacity: Each ride area capacity is different based on it’s resources, manpower, terrain and other factors. As each area reaches 80% of it’s capacity, Ride Opportunity Access Vouchers are no longer an option for access. Individual riders or family/groups are required to have at least one vehicle purchased at a Vested Member Dealer. We make it a simple process, a bill of sale for the qualifying machine is all ride needs when joining or accessing the ride opportunity.